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Anderson, Clint Red Moose Lodge [email protected] 231-745-6667
Bacon, Jeff On the Fly Guide Service [email protected] 616-656-4171
Bennett, Jim 231-889-5505
Bol, Gary Iceberg Charters 231-834-8177
Boynton, Bill [email protected] 231-723-6199
Buell, Cliff Schmidt Outfitters [email protected] 231-477-5559
Catania, Tony Hawkins Outfitters [email protected] 248-589-7862
Cecil, Russ [email protected] 231-377-6006
Cusey, Phil Phil Cussey's Flyfishing Guide Service [email protected] 616-243-9581
Doney, Martin [email protected] 231-898-3622
DeVries, David River Quest Charters [email protected] 866-837-0440
Fant, Nick Nick's River Bend Charters [email protected] 231-352-5357
Feenstra, Kevin Feenstra Guide Service [email protected] 231-652-3528
Ford, Jac [email protected] 989781-0997
Fraley, Steve Baldwin Bait and Tackle 231-745-3529
Fuller, Todd TE's Guide Service LLC. [email protected] 989-348-7951
Gouker, John Schmidt Outfitters [email protected] 231-266-5397
Grau, Walter Spey Rod Outfitters [email protected] 231-757-3411
Harris, Craig [email protected] 231-745-8094
Hawkins, Chuck Hawkins Outfitters [email protected] 231-228-7135
Hubbard, Jeff Outfitters North [email protected] 231-898-6246
Jacobsen, Herb Baldwin Bait and Tackle [email protected] 231-745-7232
Johnson, Thomas [email protected] 231-745-3209
Karakashian, John Baldwin Bait and Tackle [email protected] 248-506-3628
Kluesing, John Northern Lights Guide Service [email protected] 231-745-3792
Kowalczyk, Geoffrey [email protected] 586-795-5182
Kuieck, Steven River Quest Charters [email protected] 866-837-0440
Kuieck, Thomas River Quest Charters [email protected] 866-837-0440
Martin, Chris Schmidt Outfitters [email protected] 231-862-3505
McCluskey, James [email protected] 517-782-8161
McCoy, Edward [email protected] 231-779-1075
McDonald, Sean Century Circle Guide Service [email protected] 231-510-2072
Micol, Peter
Monto, Tom [email protected] 989-631-5777
Morlock, Kevin Indigo Guide Service [email protected] 231-898-4320
Nienhouse, Jim Outcast River Guides [email protected] 231-266-2106
Pitser, Brian [email protected] 231-943-8132
Raney, Larry Schmidt Outfitters [email protected] 231-477-5554
Ray, Jon Hawkins Outfitters [email protected] 231-862-3402
Roller, Dave Pere Marquette Outfitters [email protected] 231-898-2289
Roller, Kurt Pere Marquette Outfitters 231-757-4809
Schmidt, Ray Schmidt Outfitters [email protected] 231-848-4191
Scribner, Capt. Chuck [email protected] 231-723-6193
Seroczynski, Tom [email protected] 231-898-3185
Spence, Aaron Hawkins Outfitters [email protected] 616-647-9852
Steuber, Fred Silver Sides [email protected] 231-652-2818
Tanner, Donald 231-882-7266
Tillmann, Capt. Michael Tilman Outfitters [email protected] 231-723-6166
Topper, Jeff Outcast River Guides [email protected] 231-266-2106
Van Andel, Seth Hawkins Outfitters [email protected] 616-458-9444
Vargus, Fred Great Lakes Fly-Fishing Company [email protected] 231-893-0002
Willets, Frank
Wright, Leo Great Lakes Fly-Fishing Company [email protected] 231-924-1614